3 am Scribbling of a Mad Man

by brandand

Only 4 months of owning my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I’m already looking
for a new flavour. It’s true that I have been an avid Android user
since Donut, and I still love my Android, but I think I like the idea
of an open source more. In the future, Android will be the way to go
in my own opinion, and currently it is pretty smooth, not flawless.
The integration with pretty much the entire internet via Google is so
awesome it still blows my mind to experience how connected one can be,
but on the other hand, Google has become a monopoly with no escape.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has all the bells and whistles anyone could ask
for, intuitive and beautifully designed. So, I have chosen to buy my
first Blackberry. When I first heard about the Iphone, I thought neat,
but I my first experience with Apple’s one button mouse turned me off
years before. Also the first time I tried to use ITunes was a disaster
and I haven’t looked back since. It was over priced, ugly and the
people that bought it initially were not my kind of people. I avoided
buying an Iphone at all cost for a couple of years, trying out SE,
Nokia, Motorola but Android (SE) was the win. Plus the main reason, to
be completely honest, was I wanted something that nobody had that
worked as good, if not better then what everyone else was going to
get. Android was the new kid on the block, and it was shiny. Now I
find myself in a similar situation. Android has become mainstream,
everyone I know has one (despite the rarity of any one of them using
it to its fullest potential) and I admit to converting most of my
friends. Android used to be my own little secret, a good friend that
would always invite me over for my favourite foods and drinks. I want
that again. I have always been a big supporter of “buy locally” and
Blackberry has always been in the corner of my eye, but now that BB10
on the Z10 is out, I want, I like, and I need. I do not care about the
amount of apps, the customizations, or huge screen size anymore,
that’s what my tablets are for. Now I want a phone that I can use for
the simple things I do everyday like Twitter, facebooking, texting and
browsing the web, but well. It also accommodates my smaller than
average man hands. I do not walk this path blindly, I had my hands on
the Blackberry Playbook for a while, and I really miss the gesture
controls and build quality. Conclusion, until I receive my Z10 in the
mail and get a chance to know it better, find out it’s favourite dance
moves, hangouts and music, I will simply lust it’s simplicity and