ASUS Transformer TF-101 ICS Preparations

by brandand

After ICS rolling out on the Transformer Prime Jan 12th, all the original Transformer owners are asking,”When?”. Instead of asking when, which will be a certain,”Yes, we are getting it”, all you should be doing is prepping your number 1 Tablet of 2011, for the update.

What to do: 

– ASUS’s last update for your Transformer included an App Backup. Go ahead and open that bad boy up and start backing up all your favorite apps that have saved games and documents such as Angry Birds. Don’t want to lose your highest scores.

– Any other documents or media such as pictures & videos that you may have saved to the system memory, transfer them over to a Micro SD or SD just in-case for some reason the update does not go as planned. You never know if you’ll lose connection, and say bu-bye to your video of granny sneezing her dentures onto her birthday cake. I know you just pictured that in your head.

– Keep you battery charged. Most OS updates require you to have a certain percent of your battery before updating, and if you are like me and keep checking and keep checking, by the time the update comes, you don’t want to wait another minute to get that meany flashed.

– Expectations: A lot of the time people think that everything will work on the first update. It may, but history shows with most brands, that is just not the case. Whether your keyboard is laggy, or you have an unheard of battery drain, just wait for another update. Knowing ASUS, you won’t have to wait long. If it is a really big bug, google it and see if others are having the same problem. If not, email me and I will tell you how to re-flash your update.

– Last but not least, head over to ASUS FB page or Twitter and give them a big thanks, because remember, it’s like Microsoft giving you a free copy of Windows 8, while you are on Windows 7.

Enjoy your update when it comes out, and Tell me what you think of it, I’d love to hear! B~S