A New Era, or Just a New Blogger?

by brandand

There comes a time in a geeks life when he/she has to answer a simple question. To blog or not to blog? Well, if you really think you have something to say, that you believe others would like to read, all hands on deck. The world is ready for a change in pace, one that will force the population to pick up the closest electronic device and go for a virtual walk. We see it already, granny googles “what is ROLFMAO?” and great uncle Steve couldn’t make it to the game, because he found something really neat on the computer, of course he won’t say that, but you’ll know he’s discovered internet porn sites…for FREE! No more renting movies, no more buying newspapers and no more having to feel like a short bus aficionado in front of the sales person when trying to figure out which coffee maker is the easiest to use, when you can just google it, add it to cart and wait 4-6 Weeks to brew a cup of coffee. Don’t tell me you all don’t love the anticipation of getting the newest product you bought in the mail, then being a little upset that it is taking to long. Now is the time to look up “RSS feed”, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Google TV, put on your pocket protectors and get techy. I start my horny journey (auto correct has yet to be perfected) through the world of technology that we will all be affected by choice or no, and hope that you come for the ride. Till next time TechPeeps.